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uch a favour.The mu●sic is so mellifluous, it will quit●e repay you for the trouble.” And ▓Laura complied, regretting most sincerely th●at a person possessing such ▓real sense and goodness as Miss Wilhelmina shou●ld so expose herself to ridicule, but fee●ling that, young as she was, it was mo▓re her duty to bear with folly than reprove it. ● “Laura, dear, put the finishi●ng bows to Lucretia’s cap for me, there’s a ●love.I have such innumerable ●things to see after and


get done before seven o 癔clock to-night, that I have no time to breathe●.” “You are always busy,



my dear Miss ●Angelica.I wish you would make me of us▓e.I shall finish this in ten ●minutes; so you h

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ad better give me something ▓else to do.” “You are the best girl in the ●world, Laura, my dear; but you

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can’t a●ssist me in household concerns.No one can●; they worry me to death—but I don’t grow▓ thin upon them, that’s one● comfort.Come, I am glad you are ▓smiling, Laura, my dear.Wha●t a pity you are not more merry.By-the-by●e, you may help me very much—I shall neve▓r get through

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the tea-making all● by myself.” “Let me take it o●ff your hands entirely.I will with plea●sure.” “Thank you—thank you, my ▓dear; but nothing would go right if I were not t●here too, depend upon it.If there is▓ not Molly only going now to dust the rooms—the● lazy huzzy!” and off trotted M

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